Year 2

During the first part of spring term we have been exploring fairy tales in our 'Once Upon a Time' topic. We were geographers drawing maps and writing instructions to get Hansel and Gretel home from the witches house. Then, we became designers - making glove puppets to tell our own version of Little Red Riding Hood to Year One and Nursery children. 

Look at the puppets we have made!

We have been geographers - learning about the polar regions! We have found out about the climate, location and geographical features.We learnt how to make a waterproof shelter to keep us warm and dry on our arctic expedition.

Ranulph Fiennes sent us a letter asking us to help him in his studies of animals, as his Polar Animal book was destroyed by the rain and snow. As scientists, we investigated which animals live in the arctic and how they are suited to the cold climate. We found out what they eat, where they live and all about how they have babies! 

We collaborated to rewrite Ranulph Fiennes' damaged book.