Year 4

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Year 4 have been learning all about Sound and how it travels and is created. For our final piece we created a sound poem about all the sounds that can be heard around school based on the poem by Roger McGough.


We investigated lots of different questions about sound such as how does sound travel? What happens to sound the further away it is? What can sound travel through? Can I change the way that I hear sound?


Please listen to our poems that we have written about sounds we can hear around the school based on the poem called 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough.



In this week long mini adventure, we learnt all about the different aspects of Buddhism and produced a non- chronological report to give information.



Leon and the Place Between

During this three week unit, we had a magician come and visit us to begin our magical journey. We were given a letter by Nursery explaining that we needed to create our own imaginary, moving book to read to the children. We spent three weeks learning about and testing different moving mechanisms until we finally produced our own moving imaginary world. To go alongside this, we did some imaginative description to describe what our world was like so the children could use their imagination when listening to our stories.




In this unit, we entered the school and it was transformed into this magical land. A mysterious bell rang and we went to investigate. The hall had transformed into Narnia! During this unit we spent three weeks learning to use shades and tints to create a wintery scene from Narnia. To accompany this, we also did some descriptive writing and wrote the story from the point of view from another character. We ended this fabulous journey with an astounding school performance.



Food's Incredible journey

We started this gruesome journey with a trip inside of our bodies. We drew around ourselves and recreated our digestive system using different materials such as cola for the stomach acid. As the journey continued, we took a trip further into our digestive system and labelled each of the parts and their function. We carried out lots of experiments and found out lots of gruesome things! We ended our journey by creating a questionnaire to see how healthy Springhill is.


Meerkat Mail

Our class was taken over by Meerkats! We came into the classroom one morning and there were footprints EVERYWHERE! After reading the story, we came to the conclusion that Sunny had been into our classroom to find the perfect place to live. We decided to take a trip around the world just like Sunny in hope we would find the perfect place to live. We went on a jeep safari across Africa, a road trip across America and a research project in Antarctica and each time we wrote a postcard back to school to tell Mr How how we were and what our trip was like.