Year 5

Autumn 1 2016 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

This half term we received a letter from the Lichfield Garrick, asking us to write a programme for our performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We have been learning all of the skills to write a biography about William Shakespeare in English and have been using our Topic time to research his life and rehearse our show. 

We are very excited about our performance on the 8th November and we have been working extremely hard at making it wonderful!


Autumn 2 2016 - A Space Rover crash lands!

 Just after half term, a space rover crash landed just outside of our classroom. It's partner, Rover 2 was lost in space and we needed to learn all about space to help Rover 1 locate it. We looked at the Earth's movement in space and it's relationship with the Sun and Moon.

In English we learnt lots of different skills to help us write a newspaper article, to let people know what happened.


Autumn 2 2016 - Buddhism

During this week-long mini adventure, we learnt all about Buddhism to help us write an explanation text in a leaflet form to give to our parents.


Autumn 2 2016 - Narnia

The children arrived at school at the end of November to experience what it would have been like for the children of the novel 'The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe' to walk into a new world. The children produced some wonderful art using watercolours and wrote a part of the story. The journey ended with a fantastic school production.  


Spring 1 2017 - Simon's Cat