Springhill PTA Committee

Chair: Gemma Shorthose

Secretary: Emma Maw



PTFA Funding 2015 - 2016

A massive thank you to all our PTA members and everyone involved in supporting PTA events last year.

Due to all the hard work and efforts of everyone involved, the children in school have benefited from the following resources / experiences...


Resources / Experience                              Total Cost covered by PTA fund

Refreshments during educational experience                             £230

at Shell Island.


Furniture for school library                                                        £220


Library books                                                                              £50


PTA catering equipment                                                              £80


Read, Write Inc. Books                                                               £300


Pantomime Experience                                                                £1200


Queen's 90th Birthday mugs and paints.                                     £120


Classroom Resources                                                                   £400


Wake up, Shake up Programme                                                    £50


Total donations made through PTA                                              £2650


A huge thank you to all involved once again!


If you are interested in joining our PTA and can support the school in fundraising and events for the pupils, please contact Mrs Whitehouse on the office number and she will be happy to meet with you.