Wrap Around Care - MEGA CLUB


Mega Club has it's own room specifically for school children of all ages to use.



All children will be provided with breakfast, there is a wide choice of food and refreshments available.

The cost for this is £4.00 per child per day and our opening time is 7:30am until the 8.45am morning bell, when staff will escort the pupils to their classes.

(School Premium please see office for more details of free breakfast club places—8am start)



This facility is available from 3.15pm until 6.00pm and the cost is as follows-:


£3.50 per child between 3.15pm-4.30pm(snack not included)

£7.00 per child between 3.15pm-6pm (including snack and drink.)

£10.00 per child when both clubs are accessed on the same day.


BOOKING FORM (please click link)